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Dr. Suzanne Martin

Innovative Pilates teaching techniques

Pilates Therapeutics® Continuing Education Packages

Use Pilates Therapeutics® courses to  meet your CE requirements for the PMA® National Pilates Certification Program and the California Physical Therapy Association.

Broaden your skill set with a variety of treatment approaches and learn to work with a variety of clients including special populations.

All Continuing Education Packages include video links (DVD option), course forms, and instructions for receiving course credit. We will send your Certificate of Completion by email or regular mail within one week of receiving completed, passing work. Prices are calculated to reflect credited study hours.

The Activ-Wedge® Series

The entire course covers three short videos, with tests for each: Creating a Client Profile, Work on the Mat, and Using the Apparatus.  Activ-Wedge® available for purchase separately.


The Activ-Wedge® –

Originally designed for use in the Pilates environment for clients with scoliosis, the Activ-Wedge® is useful for any client with asymmetries. The active exercises and tools in this video series distinguish the Activ-Wedge® from other wedge products, which are most often used for passive stretching and positional release. The Activ-Wedge® promotes active movement to achieve better balance.


The Activ-Wedge® $15.95

Originally designed for use in the Pilates environment for clients with Scoliosis, the Activ-Wedge® is useful for patients with other asymmetries.  Portable and suitable for home and office use. The Activ-Wedge® distinguishes itself from other wedge products with its high quality memory foam construction and compact size.   Can be used for passive stretching, positional release and therapeutic manual therapy.  Use the Activ-Wedge® to promote increased range of motion and to achieve better balance. Small, portable foam wedges - perfect for travel, home or studio (4" x 5" x 2") Instructional pamphlet included Achieve better balance with the Activ-Wedge®! Comes in a Pack of two (2) individual wedges. 


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