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Dr. Suzanne Martin

Innovative Pilates teaching techniques

Pilates Therapeutics® Continuing Education Packages

Use Pilates Therapeutics® courses to  meet your CE requirements for the PMA® National Pilates Certification Program and the California Physical Therapy Association.

Broaden your skill set with a variety of treatment approaches and learn to work with a variety of clients including special populations.

All Continuing Education Packages include video links (DVD option), course forms, and instructions for receiving course credit. We will send your Certificate of Completion by email or regular mail within one week of receiving completed, passing work. Prices are calculated to reflect credited study hours.

The Activ-Wedge® Series

The entire course covers three short videos, with tests for each: Creating a Client Profile, Work on the Mat, and Using the Apparatus.  Activ-Wedge® available for purchase separately.


Breast Cancer MOTR®

This video course inspires Pilates instructors to use the MOTR® for this special population of survivors. The goal of this video course is to instruct Pilates Method providers, giving them tools and embodying the physical tasks themselves in order to implement a safe program for survivors.  


Breast Cancer Restoration

Learn facts about breast cancer, and about the foundation for postural restoration that serves as a gateway to a complete physical program. Detailed instruction on lymphedema, the impacts of reconstructive treatment as well as Pilates-based exercises to promote optimal healing.


Post Natal Restoration

Learn about the physical risks of the 1st stages of post-partum. Learn tests for ligament flexibility, diastasis recti as well as specific Pilates-based exercises for not only the core, foot and ankle but also tips to accelerate safe restoration.


Scoliosis Series 1

Learn about the basics of helping your clients with scoliosis. Learn to perform a core test, ligament flexibility test and to screen for scoliosis, as well as assist clients with a Pilates-based home exercise program. Wall Springs and a Scoliometer are demonstrated in some exercises, but are not necessary to pass the course. Instructions for obtaining these items are included.


Scoliosis Series 2

Learn about impact of scoliosis on the breath, the anatomy of breathing, and how to perform a simple breath measure. Learn Pilates-based core exercises to fine tune the breath into the lobes of the lungs.


Common Foot Problems

Learn the basics of helping your clients with foot issues as well as the variety of foot issues that affect not only dancers but the general population. Learn to identify the surface anatomy of the foot as well as learning Pilates-based exercises for foot health appropriate for studio instruction and home exercise


The Pelvic Core

Focus on the therapeutic application of the Pilates Method in balancing the pelvis in relation to the spine and lower extremities. Learn mat exercises and strategies to address pelvic obliquity and its ramifications into the spine and lower extremities.


The Upper Core

Learn 26 Pilates-based mat exercises to target repetitive stress injuries of the upper body, a common injury in health professionals. Learn integration of the diaphragmatic ring, scapular complex and upper spine with a precise therapeutic program in order to achieve this goal.

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