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Dr. Suzanne Martin

Innovative Pilates teaching techniques

Specialization Programs and LEVEL 1 ESSENTIALS

2020 DATES coming soon!

As we all respond creatively to the challenges of 2020, Pilates Therapeutics will continue to offer LEVEL 1 ESSENTIALS Programs in:

  • Foot Management in the Pilates Environment
  • Scoliosis and Asymmetry Management
  • Breast, Pelvic and Abdominal Cancer Restoration
  • Performing Arts Enhancement

These courses are designed to enhance professional practices and give specialist knowledge to Pilates and fitness/health professionals. They also provide an opportunity for learners to ADVANCE to Level 2 Advanced Qualification Specialist Programs, with opportunities for 1-1 mentoring.   NEW for 2020, we will be offering these Level 1 workshops in a LIVE, INTERACTIVE online environment.

CE credits available for Physical Therapists and PT Assistants, PMA® NPCP Nationally Certified Pilates Teachers

Foot Management – Level 1 Essentials

Summer and Fall 2020 - Zoom Dates TBD! Learn Pilates from the ground up! All of our clients need help with their feet! Learn and practice not only foot and ankle exercises for the five arches of the feet, but learn mobilizations critical to longevity in foot health. Evolution is explained to better understand how we evolved into a bipedal human being. More practical sessions focus on Pilates Apparatus-Specific Applications to promote fascial connections as well as isolation of the 5 arches of the feet. Detailed osteo-kinematics of the foot and ankle complex as well as the use of traditional Pilates foot props are explored along with the wobble board, balls and rollers. Transformational gait training completes the training by organizing the fascial slings that make this training a full body experience, in the tradition of Joseph Pilates’ whole body commitment concept of exercise. We will examine innovative training concepts including

Performing Arts Enhancement – Level 1 Essentials

2020 Zoom Dates Coming Soon! Market your practice and increase your studio or clinic productivity by adding the treatment of dancers to your clinic offerings. Course includes screening, performance enhancement through training and nutrition, multiple dance discipline attention, current exercise and treatment methods for common dance problems, Pilates Environment training and Well-Being Program Management. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Level 2 in the Performing Arts Enhancement Specialization Program - an exciting opportunity to build on the knowledge gained in Level 1, with mentorship and on-site or distance learning options.

Breast Cancer Restoration – Level 1 Essentials

2020 Zoom dates Coming Soon! Filling the Survivor Gap - Breast and Abdominal/Pelvic Cancer Restoration with Pilates* *Level 1 Intensive in the Breast and Abdominal Cancer Advanced Qualification Specialization Program Meet the pressing need of clients living with breast, pelvic and abdominal cancers, post-surgery and preparing for surgery. Learn specific applications in the Pilates environment aimed at the skilled intervention level of a licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, or nurse. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Level 2 in the Breast and Abdominal Cancer Specialization Program – an exciting opportunity to build on the knowledge gained in this program, which comprises Level 1, with mentorship and on-site or distance learning options.

Scoliosis and Asymmetry Management – Level 1 Essentials

IDEAL FOR "LOCKDOWN MONTHS" - NEXT OFFERING IN MARCH 2021 Dive deep and become a part of the exciting movement to advance movement educators to be an ever more important part of the health and wellness team. We present a hybrid self-study/live Zoom course in three modules over three weeks.  For each module there is pre-recorded self-study instruction and once a week live, INTERACTIVE practical sessions on the mat and apparatus. This is a 16 hour NCPT-PMA credit class for $495.  Enrollment Fee includes: 15 hours of pre-recorded instruction, five for each module, available for the duration of the Course Three modules over three weeks, each a combination of pre-recorded material and a LIVE online interactive practicum, with two times for US/UK and Asia learners (10AM EST and 8PM EST - you're welcome to take both!) Module 1: Foundation of Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis Management Module 2: Identifying the Pattern, Initial

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