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Dr. Suzanne Martin

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Specialization Programs and LEVEL 1 ESSENTIALS

2024 DATES are here!

As we all continue to respond creatively to the Covid pandemic, Pilates Therapeutics will continue to offer LEVEL 1 ESSENTIALS Programs in:

  • Foot Management in the Pilates Environment
  • Scoliosis and Asymmetry Management
  • Breast, Pelvic and Abdominal Cancer Restoration
  • Performing Arts Enhancement

These courses are designed to enhance professional practices and give specialist knowledge to Pilates and fitness/health professionals. They also provide an opportunity for learners to ADVANCE to Level 2 Advanced Qualification Specialist Programs, with opportunities for 1-1 mentoring.   We are now offering Scoliosis and Asymmetry Management Level 1 Essentials in an INTERACTIVE online/self study environment, with more to come, including Foot Management in July 2022!  Other new shorter courses from Summer 2022, Inspiration for Expiration: The Breath of Pilates and The Fascial System, were popular and we’ll offer them again soon.

We also look forward to once again bringing the Level 1 Essentials workshops on-site and live (really live!) to our friends around the world.  Stay tuned!

CE credits available for NPCP® Nationally Certified Pilates Teachers and (some courses only) California Physical Therapists and PT Assistants.  

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