Post Natal Restoration (5 CECs)


Learn about the physical risks of the 1st stages of post-partum. Learn tests for ligament flexibility, diastasis recti as well as specific Pilates-based exercises for not only the core, foot and ankle but also tips to accelerate safe restoration.


List of Objectives
Students will be able to:

  • Describe the effects of relaxing in the delivery process and post partum period and why it is necessary to progress to a return of physical conditioning after childbirth;
  • Describe why women are at risk for pelvic imbalances and knee injuries in the postpartum period;
  • Define diastasis recti, learn how to measure it, and describe corrective exercises for the condition;
  • Explain the occurrence of foot problems after pregnancy;
  • List the hallmarks of successful post-natal restoration management;
  • Perform a ligament flexibility test;
  • Learn 9 Pilates-based exercises to restore weakened ankles and feet;
  • Learn 23 Pilates-based mat exercises to restore the distended abdomen and potentially damaged pelvic floor area, improve core control, and balance chest and low back tone;
  • Facilitate constructive rest to alleviate low back and pelvic pain;
  • Learn bracing control tips;
  • Learn care for swelling and/or painful feet and legs;
  • Learn the ACOG guideline for post-partum exercise;
  • Learn post-partum nutritional guidelines;
  • Learn how to facilitate a walking program.

Additional Information

  • 5 Contact Hours (5 NPCP CECs)
  • Target Audience:
    • NPCP® Nationally Certified Pilates Teachers
  • Educational Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Special Needs Requests will be accommodated wherever possible. Pilates Therapeutics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.