The Upper Core (5 CECs)


Learn 26 Pilates-based mat exercises to target repetitive stress injuries of the upper body, a common injury in health professionals. Learn integration of the diaphragmatic ring, scapular complex and upper spine with a precise therapeutic program in order to achieve this goal.


List of Objectives

  • Identify the components of upper extremity repetitive stress injury (RSI) and rehabilitation: posture, scapular mechanics, diaphragmatic breath, nerve tension and glide, lymphatic congestion, bedtime positioning, therapeutic exercise/walking, regard for the promotion of healthy body usage
  • Describe the physical and psychosocial effects of stress on human physiology
  • Describe the best postural positions and relationship of the head, neck and shoulders to the center of gravity
  • Describe the leveraging role of the shoulder girdle and its anatomical/mechanical relationship to the torso
  • Describe the motions of the ribcage and the mechanics of diaphragmatic breathing
  • Describe how the lymphatic system is different from the arterial/venous circulation
  • Learn and experiment with 26 Pilates-based mat exercises specifically designed for the prevention and post-acute rehabilitation of upper extremity RSIs

Additional Information

  • 5 Contact Hours (5 NPCP CECs)
  • Target Audience:
    • NPCP Nationally Certified Pilates Teachers
  • Educational Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Special Needs Requests will be accommodated wherever possible. Pilates Therapeutics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.