Breast Cancer Restoration (5 CECs)


Learn facts about breast cancer, and about the foundation for postural restoration that serves as a gateway to a complete physical program. Detailed instruction on lymphedema, the impacts of reconstructive treatment as well as Pilates-based exercises to promote optimal healing.


List of Objectives
Students will be able to:

  • Describe statistics on the incidence and risk of breast cancer acquisition for females;
  • Describe lifestyle changes for breast cancer risk reduction;
  • Describe the positive link between exercise and breast cancer survival;
  • Describe coping mechanisms that promote wellbeing;
  • Describe the hallmarks of physical restoration after treatment for breast cancer;
  • Perform a 3 general arm range of motion self-tests;
  • Explain the concept of the inner unit in trunk control;
  • Learn 4 exercises focusing on core facilitation and control;
  • Explain the physical impact on the abdominals in the TRAm flap reconstruction procedure;
  • Learn 8 Pilates-based upper core mat exercises;
  • Learn the role of active assistive range of motion exercises for the arms;
  • Describe the imagery of the golden ring in restoring arm function;
  • Learn 24 Pilates-based mat exercises, demonstrated by survivors;
  • Define lymphedema, its symptoms, its prevention, and suggestions for management;
  • Learn specific goals for a restoration program;
  • Learn the guidelines and progression stages for a complete physical program;
  • Perform a chest wall lymphatic massage and self breast exam;
  • Explain resources and information regarding post- radiation skin care;
  • Explain the benefits of scar management;
  • Describe nutrition goals and guidelines for physical restoration.

Additional Information

  • 5 Contact Hours (5 NPCP CECs)
  • Target Audience:
    • NPCP® Nationally Certified Pilates Teachers
  • Educational Level: Intermediate/Advanced
  • Special Needs Requests will be accommodated wherever possible. Pilates Therapeutics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

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