The Activ-Wedge®


Originally designed for its use in the Pilates environment for clients with Scoliosis, the Activ-Wedge® is useful for patients with asymmetries, and is suitable for home and office use.

The Activ-Wedge® distinguishes itself from other wedge products with its high quality memory foam construction and compact size.   Can be used for passive stretching, positional release and therapeutic manual therapy.  Works to promote increased range of motion and to achieve better balance.

  • Small, portable foam wedges – perfect for travel, home or studio
  • Instructional pamphlet included
  • Achieve better balance with the Activ-Wedge®!

Comes in a Pack of (2) individual wedges. Perfect for home and office usage or gift giving.

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Introducing the Activ-Wedge® from Pilates Therapeutics by Suzanne Martin, DPT who is the Educational Director of Pilates Therapeutics. Use with Pilates Studio equipment, during Pilates mat work or home/office use to help re-align the spine. Lightweight and portable to take with you everywhere.

Use in the home as a sitting aid for leisure-time comfort while sitting for reading, relaxing, or using the computer.  Take to the office to add comfort and spinal balance thorough out the work day.  Useful for work with posture and imbalance correction.  Try with our two-DVD set, Pilates Therapeutics® The Activ-Wedge®!

Includes two (2) memory foam wedges, shrink-wrapped with instructional booklet.   Measures a compact 2 ” x 4″ x 6″