Scoliosis and Asymmetry Management – Level 1 Essentials


Dive deep and become a part of the exciting movement to advance movement educators to be an ever more important part of the health and wellness team.

We present a hybrid self-study/live Zoom course in three modules over three weeks.  For each module there is pre-recorded self-study instruction and once a week live, INTERACTIVE practical sessions on the mat and apparatus.

This is a 16 hour NCPT-PMA credit class for $495.  Enrollment Fee includes:

  • 15 hours of pre-recorded instruction, five for each module, available for the duration of the Course
  • Three modules over three weeks, each a combination of pre-recorded material and a LIVE online interactive practicum, with two times for US/UK and Asia learners (10AM EST and 8PM EST – you’re welcome to take both!)
    • Module 1: Foundation of Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis Management
    • Module 2: Identifying the Pattern, Initial Exercise Foundation, Breaking Up the Pattern
    • Module 3: Summary of Framework, Re-Directing the Pattern, Programming, Gait Case Study
    • Wrap-Up Discussion, one meeting for US/UK and Asia
  • 16 CEC Certificate of Continuing Education (NPCP) and additional confirmation of completion as needed

We will have FREE Introductory Zoom Meetings soon for the Spring 2021 training.  Stay in touch with us to be on our mailing list!  Email link is here.


Learn the differences between functional versus structural scoliosis, and their varying causes. Train your eye to the individual differences each client uniquely owns, their “scolio-cues” for correctives. Learn functional assessment techniques that help to direct intervention for the biomechanical implications of curvature not only at the separate spinal curves but throughout the whole body.  Create a profile to help you and your client better understand their present postures and strategies.

As a Pilates Method Movement Educator, you can and should be part of the modern multidisciplinary care team.  Learn new exercises, modalities and a NEW APPROACH to helping your clients with scoliosis and spinal asymmetry!

Students should have The Activ-Wedge® and Dr. Martin’s new book, Spinal Asymmetry and Scoliosis: Movement and Function Solutions for the Spine, Ribcage, and Pelvis (2018, Handspring Publishers).  Not mandatory, but helpful!  If you don’t already have these, please look for the links below!  Note that this is a separate purchase and not included in the course cost.

Continuing Education Credit for PMA® National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP): 16 CECs

Our travel plans for 2020 and 2021 had to be cancelled, but we really want to see everyone! We hope to present LIVE and IN PERSON with our friends below later in 2021.  Stay tuned for further developments and please reach out to us with questions!

Pilates by Apittiya, Bangkok, Thailand
Applied Movement, Singapore
Pilates Monterey, Monterey, CA
Meridian Pilates Studio, Vancouver, Canada

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