The Fascial System and Pilates: Moves that Change Bodies

NEW for 2022!  This 2-Day Class was first offered in April 2022.  We intend to offer it again in 2022 and 2023 based on demand, so get in touch with us here to learn more!

Do you know that teaching with the fascial system provides Pilates instructors a unique advantage? Research shows that fascial lines, continuities and systems create more strength than with muscle tone by itself. Learn about the nature of fascia and how teaching with fascial intent drives efficiency, effectiveness and quality into all our exercises. Teachers will learn not only the anatomy, its importance from womb to birth to adulthood, but also the compensatory patterns that can hinder our improvement. Learn access, tensioning and decompression methods for these compensatory lines and slings. Pre-activation of fascial lines gives stability to movement. Learn strategies of pre-activation through fascial tensioning of core, spine and extremities.  Come away with a new understanding of how the pre-activation in either mat or apparatus work will help your client successfully participate in Pilates without injury. All active people can use this course.

8 hours of interactive instruction, presented in two 2-hour modules on two days

This is an 8 hour Continuing Education Credit class (NPCP).




LEARN… the definition, anatomy and development of the fascial system and its relation to pain and bodily dysfunction

LEARN… how to assess, decompress and break up compensations with props and the Arc

LEARN… how the activation of the fascial slings promotes joint stability and potentiates strength

LEARN… to coordinate the deep frontal line with the arm lines, superficial back, lateral lines and spiral lines

LEARN… applications of organizational fascial tensioning in Pilates Mat, coordinating the deep frontal line with the arm lines, lateral lines and spiral lines


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