The Use of Tensional Integrity in the Hypermobile Individual


The second course in our NEW Women’s Health Track series!  Join us to enhance your practice, build your skills or just to learn about interesting and important health issues affecting women of all ages.

  • Live Zoom Classes in 2024 –  March 2 and 3
    6:30-8:30pm (6 hours)
  • 6 CEC (NPCP only)

Cost: $395 ($295 Early Bird Pricing until March 1!)

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Women are predominantly affected by hypermobility due to hormonal reasons associated with reproduction. Pre-activation of fascial lines gives stability to movement, lessening discomfort and pain while improving function. Learn how to assess the levels of severity of hypermobility to build confidence for you and your client. Learn strategies of pre-activation through not only the core but also the spine and extremities. Come away with a new understanding of how the pre-activation in mat work and on the Reformer and Chair will help your client successfully participate in Pilates without injury. All active people can use this course!


At the end of this course, participants will better understand how to:

  • describe the classifications of hypermobility and how it differs from instability
  • assess hypermobility in the spine, hips, knees, ankles, elbows, wrists
  • teach activation of the fascial continuities to promote joint stability and potentiates strength
  • teach coordination of the torso (deep frontal line, superficial back, spiral lines,) with the limbs (arm lines, lateral line connections)
  • teach applications of fascial tensioning on the Pilates equipment.

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