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Dr. Suzanne Martin

Innovative Pilates teaching techniques

Coronavirus Update 2!

Coronavirus Update 2!

We have all been affected by the pandemic, and I have had to cancel plans for travel and onsite workshops. As we work to stay safe and keep each other healthy, international and domestic travel is off the table for now. I’ve had a lot of interest in my Level 1 Advanced Qualification Specialization Programs, […]

December 2019 in Seoul!

Enjoying teaching my wonderful friends in Seoul’s fabulous Epilates Center, right in the middle of the famous Gangnam District!  Thanks so much to my good friend Sandra (seen here!) for welcoming me again.  You should all come to Seoul and take class here!

This just in from Penny Shure, Pilates expert in Bone Health…Thank you Penny!!

Penelope Shure of Pilates For Every Body  “Suzanne Martin is by far the BEST Pilates practitioner and educator worldwide. Her ability to not only teach other teachers but clients and patients is stellar. She is organized, creative, informative, compassionate and kind. Her approach creates long lasting positive impressions and healing. She is a learner herself, […]

Correct Spine and Posture Issues with a Pilates Barrel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] A Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel is a quality equipment designed for pilates that can stretch muscles and increase flexibility. The Pilates Spine Corrector Barrel is a great addition to your stable of home Pilates devices. Look around the internet today, and you’ll see many positive reviews of the Pilates barrel, as this is a […]

Do I Need Specialized Equipment to do Pilates at Home?

Pilates workouts are generally among the more highly effective exercise routine workouts you could do nowadays. It is a good program for individuals that need to build health and wellness in addition to body improvement. With the skilled Pilates practitioner, the workout plans can come quick and simple, but for a large number of first-timers, […]

Learn Pilates at Home with Video Courses

If you’re new to this whole Pilates thing, you might try a Pilates Video Series as a good option.  Pilates Therapeutics Videos contain detailed Pilates classes recorded for home or studio training. People who don’t have time to participate in groups can access these videos and do Pilates in their spare time. What makes home […]

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