Abdominal and Pelvic Cancer Restoration on the MOTR


Research shows that survivors of cancer-related surgeries benefit from exercise in general and particularly need strength training. Restoration on the MOTR® allows survivors of any age group to have the option of adding Pilates-based strength development..

Total run time: 75 min.

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The MOTR® by Balanced Body offers “Personal Training in a Tube!”  Looks like a roller, but it’s more than a roller!  A whole system of pulleys and bands is built into this portable tool, making it perfect for a variety of settings. The hallmark of the MOTR®, Movement on the Roller, is strength development.

This workout video by Dr. Suzanne Martin shows the MOTR® as a tool to help aid recovery from cancers of the abdomen and pelvis. The workout begins with a warmup to mobilize the abdomen and waist areas with breathing and rhythmic movements, followed by use of the MOTR® arm that accentuates oblique abdominal usage and helps to challenge lateral and spiral fascial lines.

Dr. Martin calls out levels of difficulty throughout the exercises so that instructors and exercisers can quickly identify how to start at a low level or modify the exercises for their level. Sections include seated arm and trunk rotations, then progress to pelvic bridging for pelvic balancing; supine overhead arm reaches for more core stability and anterior torso opening.

Exercises use the entire MOTR®, the arm alone, or as a roller. Includes a tutorial on set up and use of your MOTR®.