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Dr. Suzanne Martin

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Scoliosis Series Part 2: Distance Education Course

Scoliosis Series Part 2: Breathing

Learn about impact of scoliosis on the breath, the anatomy of breathing, and how to perform a simple breath measure. Learn core exercises to fine tune the breath into the lobes of the lungs.

List of Objectives
Students will be able to:
Describe the anatomy of breathing
Describe the impact of scoliosis upon the ribcage and breathing
Describe the hallmarks of conservative scoliosis management
Perform a self-test to measure lung volume
Learn exercises to better facilitate breathing
Describe imagery techniques to facilitate better breathing
Learn dynamics of inhalation and exhalation by fine-tuning the lobes of the lungs
Facilitate core exercises emphasizing
Learn 17 Pilates-based mat exercises to promote better breathing and improve scoliosis management
Learn strategies to bring better breathing principles into daily life while showering, traveling in the car, walking and doing desk work.

Target Audience:

Physical Therapists and PT Assistants (CAPTA)
California Nurses (CA Board of Registered Nursing)

Educational Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Special Needs Requests will be accommodated wherever possible. Pilates Therapeutics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

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