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Common Foot Problems: Distance Education Course

Common Foot Problems

Workshop Description: Video (ONLINE ONLY) and PowerPoint. Learn the basics of helping your clients with foot issues as well as the variety of foot issues that affect not only dancers but the general population. Learn to identify the surface anatomy of the foot and learn Pilates-based exercises for foot health appropriate for both studio instruction and a home exercise program.

List of Objectives
Students will be able to:
Identify the 3 main segments of the foot
Describe the basic organizational anatomy of the ankle/foot complex
Identify basic surface anatomy of the ankle and foot
Identify the basic motions of the ankle/foot complex
Differentiate between the shapes of the main arches of the foot
Differentiate among the 3 basic foot types
Describe some characteristics of a flat foot and a high-arched foot
Increase their understanding of the role of the plantar fascia
Increase their mechanical understanding of the rotation of the forefoot on the mid-foot
Describe the term ‘navicular drop’
Identify a great toe bunion
Identify the location of the os trigonom
Describe the action of the ab- and ad-ductors of the toes
Describe 10 common foot conditions that a Pilates instructor will likely encounter, including: bunions, bursitis, over-pronation, severe high arch (equinuus), Morton’s neuroma, sesamoiditis, bone spurs, toe sprain, stubbed toe (turf toe)
Learn 13 Pilates-based exercises for the health of the feet
tcomplete the course, but helpful)
Learn tips for daily management of foot health taid comfort and promote better function in standing, and walking

Target Audience:

Physical Therapists and PT Assistants
California Nurses (CA Board of Registered Nursing)

Educational Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Special Needs Requests will be accommodated wherever possible. Pilates Therapeutics is committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

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