Foot Anatomy, Biomechanics and Management - Level 1 Essentials (2020 Dates TBA)

2020 Dates TBA   
(December 2019 in Shanghai, China)

Learn Pilates from the ground up! All of our clients need help with their feet! Learn and practice not only foot and ankle exercises for the five arches of the feet, but learn mobilizations critical to longevity in foot health. Evolution is explained to better understand how we evolved into a bipedal human being. 

We will examine innovative training concepts including short foot and barefoot training, Jump and Fascial Recoil Progressions, deep integration with the Pilates Environment.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Level 2 in the Foot Anatomy Specialization Program – an exciting opportunity to build on the knowledge gained in Level 1, with mentorship and on-site or distance learning options.

We will be offering this Level 1 Intensive in December 2019 in Shanghai, China.  



Price will include:

  •  3-day intensive with snacks and some meals included
  • Certificate of completion and professional recommendations as appropriate

Continuing Education Credit for Pilates Method Alliance, California Physical Therapy Association and California Board of Nursing: 16 CECs


At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand the anatomy, biomechanics, osteokinematics of the foot core system and triplanar training concepts
  • Identify, assess and recommend Pilates-based exercises for conditions associated with the ankle/foot complex
  • Identify and implement lower extremity biomechanical fascial core concepts that promote full dynamic foot use function
  • Identify, demonstrate and recommend stretches for fascial tightness related to general lower extremity issues
  • Better understand specific mechanical correctives to aid clients in the Pilates environment: 
  • Better understand how to integrate Standing Pilates into apparatus and prop use
  • Better understand the fascial slings involved with the phases of gait and how to activate them in the Pilates environment