Foot Anatomy, Biomechanics and Management – Advanced Qualification Specialization Program (AQSP)


2018-2019 Dates TBA!

Learn Pilates from the ground up! All of our clients need help with their feet! Learn and practice not only foot and ankle exercises for the five arches of the feet, but learn mobilizations critical to longevity in foot health. Evolution is explained to better understand how we evolved into a bipedal human being.

  • This course is held onsite in the historic city of Alameda, California located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Not available as a distance education course.
  • Requires a 50% non refundable deposit. You may choose to pay the deposit only or make full payment with the buttons below. Final payment is due prior to starting the course.


As you learn more about the foot, our detailed exploration (fascial connections and slings and more!) brings anatomy and biomechanics into the fourth dimension. After learning the foot types and shapes and how they impact the foot’s functioning, explore Upper Core, Pelvic Core, and Spinal Engine communications. Experience mat – specific Pilates-based exercises appropriate for studio instruction as well as for a home exercise program.

Practical sessions focus on Apparatus-Specific Applications to promote fascial connections as well as isolation of the 5 arches of the feet. Detailed osteo-kinematics of the foot and ankle complex and use of traditional Pilates foot props are explored along with the wobble board, balls and rollers.

Transformational gait training completes the training by organizing the fascial slings that make this training a full body experience, in the tradition of Joseph Pilates’ whole body commitment concept of exercise.

Special bonuses include Janda short foot concepts, BareFoot training and Jump Progressions, plus making a Foot Model to take home with you!

Price of $1400 includes:

• 3 distance courses (prerequisite)
• recorded Free Conference Call to start lectures 1 month before the intensive
• 3-day intensive with 1st day lunch and Saturday dinner included
• follow-up mentoring while completing the post-workshop study
• a certificate of completion and professional recommendations as appropriate

Continuing Education Credit for Pilates Method Alliance: 26 CECs, plus applicable credit for prerequisite courses 
Continuing Education Units for California Physical Therapy Association: prerequisite courses only