Foot Management – Level 1 Essentials


Next Level 1 Sessions will be held in 2022. Contact us for further information and to be put on our mailing list.

Learn Pilates from the ground up! All of our clients need help with their feet. Learn and practice not only foot and ankle exercises for the five arches of the feet, but learn mobilizations critical to longevity in foot health. Evolution is explained to better understand how we evolved into a bipedal human being.

More practical sessions focus on Pilates apparatus-specific applications to promote fascial connections as well as isolation of the 5 arches of the feet. Detailed osteokinematics of the foot and ankle complex as well as the use of traditional Pilates foot props are explored along with the wobble board, balls and rollers. Transformational gait training completes the training by organizing the fascial slings that make this training a full body experience, in the tradition of Joseph Pilates’ whole body commitment concept of exercise.

We present a hybrid self-study/live Zoom course in four modules over four weeks.  For each module there is pre-recorded self-study instruction and once a week live, INTERACTIVE practical instruction over Zoom.

Enrollment Fee includes:

  • 14 hours of pre-recorded instruction, roughly 3.5 per Module, available for the duration of the Course
  • Four modules over four weeks, each a combination of pre-recorded material and a LIVE online interactive practicum, with two times for US/UK/EU and Asia learners (10AM EST and 6PM EST – you’re welcome to take both!)
    • Module 1:
      • Module 1 consists of approximately 3.5 hours (in two parts) of live recorded training on the background of the foot describing its anatomy, arches, foot type, axes, biomechanics and osteokinematics culminating in The Five Arches foundational exercises.
    • Module 2:
      • Module 2 consists of approximately 3.5 hours of live recorded training broken up into 2 parts for easy viewing. It focuses on the axes of the complex with a review of the foundational exercises, continuing with supination, pronation explanations, and culminating with osteokinematics bone rhythm exercises.
    • Module 3:
      • Module 3 consists of approximately 3 hours of live recorded training on common problems and assessments that help movement educators address clients’ needs. Ideas for easy products are offered that can aid foot minor problems.
    • Module 4:
      • Module 4 consists of approximately 3 hours of live recorded training continues with a Q and A and progressing to the fascial, sacral and counter-rotational elements involved with gait.


  • 16 CEC Certificate of Continuing Education (NPCP) and 1.6 CEU (California Physical Therapy Ass’n)  and additional confirmation of completion as needed


Some lovely comments from our 2021 Level 1 participants…

Thank you so much for an amazing course!   …   I have been using many of the exercises on myself and with my clients and have seen benefits and changes already!   …   This has been such a wonderful and thorough series. I really appreciate your wisdom and compassionate approach.




At the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Better understand the anatomy, biomechanics, osteokinematics of the foot core system and triplanar training concepts
  • Identify, assess and recommend Pilates-based exercises for conditions associated with the ankle/foot complex
  • Identify and implement lower extremity biomechanical fascial core concepts that promote full dynamic foot use function
  • Identify, demonstrate and recommend stretches for fascial tightness related to general lower extremity issues
  • Better understand specific mechanical correctives to aid clients in the Pilates environment
  • Better understand how to integrate Standing Pilates into apparatus and prop use
  • Better understand the fascial slings involved with the phases of gait and how to activate them in the Pilates environment

This is a 16 CEC (NPCP/PMA and CaPTA) Continuing Education class.