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Dr. Suzanne Martin

Innovative Pilates teaching techniques

Pilates Therapeutics® Continuing Education Packages

Use Pilates Therapeutics® courses to  meet your CE requirements for the PMA® National Pilates Certification Program and the California Physical Therapy Association.

Broaden your skill set with a variety of treatment approaches and learn to work with a variety of clients including special populations.

All Continuing Education Packages include video links (DVD option), course forms, and instructions for receiving course credit. We will send your Certificate of Completion by email or regular mail within one week of receiving completed, passing work. Prices are calculated to reflect credited study hours.

Breast Cancer Restoration

2020 Zoom dates Coming Soon! Filling the Survivor Gap - Breast and Abdominal/Pelvic Cancer Restoration with Pilates* *Level 1 Intensive in the Breast and Abdominal Cancer Advanced Qualification Specialization Program Meet the pressing need of clients living with breast, pelvic and abdominal cancers, post-surgery and preparing for surgery. Learn specific applications in the Pilates environment aimed at the skilled intervention level of a licensed physical therapist, certified Pilates instructor, or nurse. Students will also have the opportunity to learn about Level 2 in the Breast and Abdominal Cancer Specialization Program – an exciting opportunity to build on the knowledge gained in this program, which comprises Level 1, with mentorship and on-site or distance learning options.

Breast Cancer MOTR®

This video course inspires Pilates instructors to use the MOTR® for this special population of survivors. The goal of this video course is to instruct Pilates Method providers, giving them tools and embodying the physical tasks themselves in order to implement a safe program for survivors.  


Abdominal and Pelvic

Research shows that survivors of cancer-related surgeries benefit from exercise in general and particularly need strength training. Restoration on the MOTR® allows survivors of any age group to have the option of adding Pilates-based strength development.. Total run time: 75 min.


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